Discontinued Paper Shelf

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Please Note: Discontinued Paper Shelves

These Paper Shelves are discontinued and will only be available while supplies last. May of 2023 Best Craft Organizer released a new white Paper Shelf for Storage Cabinets.

Organize your Paper

The Paper Shelf is a great way to customize your Storage Cabinet!  When installed it rests at an angle and makes your paper very visible.  The tabs on the front prevent the paper from sliding out and the circular cutout makes it easy to quickly pull out the sheets that you want.  

The inside dimensions of the Paper Shelf are: 
height: 1"
depth: 13"
width: 12-1/4"

When designing your Storage Cabinet to use Paper Shelves, plan your space as follows:

  • The top Paper Shelf requires two spaces.  This provides room for them to sit at an angle
  • The rest of the Paper Shelves only require one space each.  

Or, let our handy Cabinet Calculator do all the figuring for you!

You can make your Paper Shelves slide by purchasing drawer rails! Check out HERE for more details.

Drawers and Paper Shelves are made of high impact polypropylene.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review