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Five Tips For Painting Your BCO Storage Cabinet Drawers

Posted by Elphie, Best Craft Organizer on 12 31 69


Hi-ya Crafters!

Don’t mind the painted paws, I just finished one of my own crafting projects. OK, my craft buddy actually did, but I supervised! We had so much fun painting the Best Craft Organizer Drawers to match our decor. 

If you aren't familiar with BCO Drawers here's a little information to fill you in on a customizable storage solution for your crafts. Crafting requires a lot of supplies and it can be easy to let things fall into disarray. Luckily, Best Craft Organizer provides Storage Cabinets that can be customized with Single, Double, and Triple Drawers to fit your needs. These Drawers keep your crafting space spic and span. Your supplies will be organized, more accessible and your creative time more fun! 

Another fun thing about BCO Drawers is they can be painted to match your decor. It's so easy to do and requires only a few tools. Below you'll find a quick video tutorial that takes you through the process of how we painted our drawers. Here are a few tips I learned from watching my craft buddy that I think will be helpful.

Gather these supplies before starting:

  • Tape
  • 12 x 12 Paper
  • Spray Paint (your colors of choice) (We used Vintage Teal by Rust-Oleum)
  • Clear Top Coat for painting
  • A Small Stand/Prop For Your Drawer To Rest On

Tip #1
Make sure there are no plastic strings hanging off your drawers. You can quickly run your fingers around the drawer edges and pull off any strings.

Tip #2
Put paper in the base of your drawer to cover the bottom. It’s likely that the supplies you put in your drawer will scratch the paint anyway. Plus, you can save paint by just applying it to visible surfaces.

Tip #3
Flip your drawer upside down on your stand to evenly paint the handle and the corners of the handle. It can be hard to reach if it’s facing the right side up.

Tip #4
Flip your drawer back around to finish spraying. Use spray paint with primer in the formula. This will save you a step and make painting effortless. Just use sweeping motions with short spritzes to make an even layer of paint. Using too much paint will cause it to drip.

Tip #5
Use a clear top coat to seal and protect the paint color. Topcoats will help protect your paint from getting scratched.

Painting your storage Drawers is a great way to exercise your creativity and make your crafting space colorful and fun. You can even color-code your drawers for different crafting supplies. Say, you want your painting supplies in red drawers and your scrapbooking supplies in pink drawers. You’ll pull out what you need in a flash. You could even have your drawers match the color of supplies in the drawer. The possibilities and fun are endless!

When you’re done be sure to send us a picture of your painted drawers! We would love to see your customized creations.

Stay organized, stay crafty!

Organization Expert
Best Craft Organizer