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Turn Wood Block Stamps into Cling Stamps!

Posted by Organization & Crafts with Nancy & Michelle on 07 25 22

How to Make Your Wood Block Stamps into Cling Stamps

Materials Needed:

Follow these steps to unmount your wooden stamps:

  1. Gather the wood stamps you want to unmount.
  2. Remove an EZ Mount Foam Sheet from the pack and place it with the solid white back facing up.
  3. Remove the white back to reveal the gray foam.
  4. Using a black ink pad, stamp the image of the wood stamp you want to unmount. Repeat this step until you have the entire foam sheet full or all the wood stamps you wish to unmount complete. NOTE: Leave room between images so you can cut out the stamps.
  5. Set gray foam sheet aside for the ink to dry. This process can take 1-4 hours.
  6. Clean the black ink off the rubber stamp(s).
  7. Once the ink is dry on the gray foam sheet, use scissors to rough cut the stamped images out. Be sure to leave the backing on the sticky adhesive.
  8. Take your first image and find the matching wood stamp.
  9. Holding the wood stamp, remove the rubber stamp from the wood block. In many cases, the stamp will peel right off. If it doesn’t, you may need to use some Goo Gone or Undo.
  10. Once you have the rubber stamp removed from the block, remove any of the old gray backing. You want to ensure you only have the rubber part of the stamp left.
  11. Clean the back part of the rubber stamp, making sure it is clear of any left-over residue.
  12. Remove the backing from the gray foam image. Carefully mount your rubber stamp to the gray foam. NOTE:The adhesive on the gray foam is very sticky and not forgiving, so be very careful how you mount the stamp.
  13. Cut off the excess adhesive foam backing around the rubber stamp image using an Exacto knife.

Voilà, your stamp is ready to use with your Misty, Stamparatus, or clear mount block!

To store your rubber stamps, we recommend the Stamp Card, Storage Pocket, and Acrylic Crate.