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Cabinet Designer

Cabinet Designer Instructions:

1 - Select your preferred Storage Cabinet. Not sure which Cabinet your prefer, learn more about Storage Cabinets.
2 - Select your Cabinet height.
3 - Select your Cabinet color (White, Frosty Chestnut, or Rogue River Maple)
4 - Select if you prefer Casters. Please note: Casters are not an option for Extra Large Cabinets.
5 - Mix and match Paper Shelves and Drawers until your Cabinet is perfect.
6 - Select the "Add To Cart" button to purchase your Cabinet.

Please Note: New White Drawers & Paper Shelves

May 13, 2023, Best Craft Organizer released a beautiful new solid white Drawer and Paper Shelf to replace the original drawers and shelves. Drawers previous to May 2023 were a translucent white drawer. The Cabinet Designer adds the new solid white Drawers and Paper Shelves to your cart.



Column 1
Column 2
Column 3
Paper Shelves
Single Drawers
Double Drawers
Triple Drawers
Spaces Remaining:
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Cabinet Dimensions

- Cabinets are shipped ready for assembly with all necessary hardware included. You can put it together armed only with a large screwdriver and attention to detail.
- The cabinet panels are made from high-quality, 3/4" thermofused melamine panels and are CARB compliant.
- Wood products may have variations of color and pattern.
- Dimensions: 14-1/4" deep. Refer to Storage Cabinet Comparison for width and height.
- Caster Height: 2-1/2"

Please read if you purchased a BCO Cabinet before March of 2022:

Best Craft Organizer has added five new configurations to Storage Cabinets. This means you have even more options to customize your craft Storage Cabinet to fit your needs. To accommodate the new sizes, we had to make a few changes to cabinet names. If you purchased a cabinet before March 1, 2022, your cabinet name might have changed. Please verify old and new cabinet names below for future purchases.
- Rolling Storage Cabinet Standard is now the Single Storage Cabinet Small
- Rolling Storage Cabinet Large is now the Single Storage Cabinet Large
- Double Storage Cabinet Standard is now the Double Storage Cabinet Small
- Triple Storage Cabinet Large is now the Triple Storage Cabinet X-Large