Fabric Shelf - Yardage

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Are you tired of searching for fabric in bins and drawers? Do you constantly find yourself purchasing the same fabric print or color because you forgot you already had it buried somewhere?

The Fabric Shelf for Yardage is the BEST storage solution that keeps your fabric organized, visible, and easy to access. No more searching through bins piled on top of each other.  Simply fold your fabric and slide it into the Fabric Shelf.  The beautiful display of color will not only inspire your projects, but also help you see the colors on which you might be running low.

The Fabric Shelf for Yardage maximizes your space with its compact design and ability to stack. If you don't have enough fabric to fill the shelf, no worries! Each Fabric Shelf includes one laser-cut magnet block for each compartment in your shelf to keep your fabric standing in place.

Handcrafted in the USA and made of Birch plywood. Products are delivered to you pre-assembled, sanded smooth and display ready.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review