Ribbon & Washi Drawer Kits

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Product Overview

Organize Washi Tape and Ribbon with Best Craft Organizer Dispenser Drawer Kits

Ribbon & Washi Dispenser Drawer Kits are the ultimate solution for keeping your scraps of ribbon and washi tape neat and organized. Four different Drawer Kit options are available to best fit your craft organization needs. Each kit contains your Washi or Ribbon Dispenser of choice and a Storage Tray to keep your Dispensers neatly in place inside a Best Craft Organizer Drawer. The Small + Spooler kits includes a Ribbon Spooler.

Drawer Kit Options

Kit Includes Max Ribbon/Washi Size
Large 3 Dispensers + Tray 2-1/8" Diameter
Medium 4 Dispensers + Tray 1-5/8" Diameter
Small 6 Dispensers + Tray 3/4" Diameter
Small + Spooler 5 Dispensers, 1 Ribbon Spooler, & Tray 3/4" Diameter

The Large & Medium Kits provide 5-1/2" of storage in one large compartment. The Small Kit provides six compartments that are 7/8" wide.

The Tray measures 10"x6"

Store these kits in your Storage Cabinet Drawers:

  • Two Large Kits fit in a Triple Drawer
  • Two Medium Kits fit in a Double Drawer
  • Two Small Kits fit in a Double Drawer

Learn more about Ribbon & Washi Dispensers

Check out Ribbon & Washi Dispensers to learn more about Dispensers or to purchase without a tray.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review