Ribbon & Washi Drawer Kits

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Best Craft Organizer Ribbon & Washi Dispensers are so convenient for storing and transporting these important embellishments!  They provide a portable solution.  Grab and go for your next crop!

There are four different kits to choose from, so make a careful review of your supplies and pick the ones that will work best for you.

Kit Includes Max Ribbon/Washi Size
Large 3 Dispensers 2-1/8" Diameter
Medium 4 Dispensers 1-5/8" Diameter
Small 6 Dispensers 3/4" Diameter
Small + Spooler 5 Dispensers & 1 Ribbon Spooler 3/4" Diameter

Each kit includes the items listed above and a storage tray to keep them organized.

The Large & Medium Kits provide 5-1/2" of storage in one large compartment.  

The Small Kit provides six compartments that are 7/8" wide.  

Be sure to check out the Ribbon Spooler!  Paired with these dispenser kits, it's a great way to clean up those scraps of ribbon and keep them very organized.  

Store these kits in your Storage Cabinet Drawers:

  • Two Large Kits fit in a Triple Drawer
  • Two Medium Kits fit in a Triple Drawer
  • Two Small Kits fit in a Double Drawer

Helpful tip: When putting the washi tape into the dispenser attach the end to the lip.  Then when you want to use the tape simply peel off the end and slowly pull out the required length. Either tear the piece using the lip or cut with scissors. No need to always open the dispenser to use your washi tape.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review