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Embellishment & Bead Caddy

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Product Overview

Tube Storage for Paper Confetti, Seed Beads, Craft Embellishments, and Diamond Painting Drills

The Embellishment & Bead Caddy is a versatile storage solution that organizes seed beads, diamond drills, and craft embellishments like sequins and confetti. This compact caddy features multiple clear containers that can be easily inserted into the stackable holder, keeping your embellishments easy to access and ready for your next jewelry making or crafting project.

The Small Embellishment & Bead Caddy includes 40 containers (inside storage dimensions: 3" tall and 5/8" diameter - about 0.9 cubic inches) and the Standard Embellishment & Bead Caddy includes 26 containers (inside storage dimensions: 3" tall and 7/8" diameter - about 1.8 cubic inches) for storing your beads and embellishments.

Each Embellishment & Bead Caddy features a stackable design with a notch to lock in place, allowing you to add multiple levels for even more storage. You can even stack a Small and Standard size together, giving you more options as your craft collection grows, or if you have various small and medium sized embellishments to organize.

The tube containers offer a clear plastic design so you can easily identify the contents and find exactly what you need. The tabbed cap makes it easy to quickly remove your containers out from the holder, and you can even label the tops with the correct drill color for your diamond painting collection.

This versatile product will provide you with seed bead storage, embellishment storage (sequins, crystals, and confetti), or organizing diamond drills. The Embellishment & Bead Caddy is an ideal storage solution that can fit the needs of your craft supplies.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, the Embellishment & Bead Caddy is a must-have addition to your craft storage solutions. Simply fill your containers and add your Embellishment & Bead Caddy to a desk or shelf for a beautiful and colorful display that is sure to inspire you to unleash your creativity.

The Bead Caddy is made from laser cut Birch and is pre-assembled.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review