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A Quilter's Journey to Organization - Meet Robin

Posted by Best Craft Organizer on 01 10 22

Robin's Journey to Organize
her Fabric and Thread

Robin is an avid quilter and seamstress. She has been organizing her fabric and thread in bins and totes for years. While it's a common way to store fabric, Robin was tired of moving bins around to find the right one, digging through piles of fabric, and occasionally forgetting patterns she already had. Not to mention, the bins were bulky and took up a large space in Robin's craft room. 

Robin decided to do away with all her plastic bins and reorganize with Best Craft Organizer's Fabric Shelf for Yardage and Fat-Quarters. At first, it was an overwhelming task, but she emptied all her fabric bin by bin. With the giant shelf she stored her bins on gone, it was already clear Robin would be gaining additional space in her room.

The process was a journey and required some dedication. Robin consolidated several large bins into four Fabric Shelves for Yardage and three Fabric Shelves for Fat-Quarters. She even discovered her Fabric Dies fit perfectly in the Fabric Shelf for Yardage. Stepping back, it was a beautiful wall of fabric. Robin could now see exactly what she had in a glance and even added space to her room by getting rid of all the bulky storage.

Along the way, Robin added three Storage Cubes with Drawers and one open cube for magazines and quilting books. These cubes became the platform where she stacked her Fabric Shelves. She organized her pre-cut fabric pieces inside the drawers using the Fabric Grid Storage System

Robin's journey didn't stop with her fabric collection. She also began searching for better ways to organize her thread. She had her thread organized in drawers. However, every time the drawer opened, the thread would rattle around and end up a disorderly mess! 

She changed to the Best Craft Organizer Rolling Storage Cabinet customized with drawers. She maximized the storage by choosing drawers that fit her needs. Robin then added the Thread Grid Storage System to keep her thread in place and easy to access. 

Robin's craft room is full of inspiring, visible fabric colors sure to unleash her creativity. By choosing storage solutions designed specifically for her fabric and thread, Robin was able to maximize her space and save time searching for a product and cleaning up after a project was finished. If you ask Robin what she thinks of her new fabric space, well, we think the smile on her face says it all!

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