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Posted by Tori Brunsting, BCO on 03 08 24

Leonardo Da Vinci once said,

“Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind; large ones weaken it.”

One of the most famous painters claimed small rooms are good for the mind - so they must not be that bad, right? We are convinced. A small space can be just as great as a large room. In fact, we know that a Best Craft Organizer Storage Cabinet works well in both types of spaces. 

Triple Storage Cabinet

Not every crafter can dedicate an entire room to storing craft supplies. Sometimes, the only space you have available is a spare closet. When that is the case, how do you organize all those craft supplies in such a small space? Sounds impossible? It’s not! 

For starters, it is necessary to take inventory of what you have. When you know the amount of craft supplies you have, you can plan how you want to store it. When you take inventory, sort through all your supplies and decide what to keep, toss, or donate. As you are doing this, you might find that you have been keeping things that no longer serve a purpose or there are duplicates of supplies. Only keep what you need and use! 

After you sort your supplies and decide what to keep, it is time to choose how you want to organize it! BCO Storage Cabinets are an excellent solution for a small space; the cabinet take advantage of the vertical space in a closet and contain multiple drawers to help organize your different supplies. Single, Double, or Triple Storage Cabinets are available in various heights.

There are two things to keep in mind when purchasing a BCO Storage Cabinet: 

1. Will this fit in my closet? 

Measure your space, then measure again! You do not want to order a cabinet that is too big or too small. By measuring and ordering a cabinet that perfectly fits your closet, you are maximizing your storage space.

2. What do I plan to keep in the drawers?

Think through what you plan to store in each drawer. BCO Cabinets are customizable so you can create a cabinet with the best-sized drawers for your craft supplies. BCO even has Storage Cabinet Kits for Diamond Painting, Jewelry Making, Paper Crafting, and Quilting. Consider one of these options if you have a lot of supplies related to those specific crafts.

Once you decide on a BCO Cabinet and have a plan for each drawer, it is time to start organizing your supplies. Nancy’s BCO Cabinet in her closet is a perfect example of utilizing a small space for storing many craft supplies. 

“I knew I wanted some type of cabinet with shallow drawers and multiple drawer heights. Past experiences with baskets and bins did not work well for me, so it had to be a storage cabinet.” 

Nancy has a Triple Storage Cabinet in her closet. She made use of the vertical space that she had available. “I researched various cabinets/storage solutions and decided the Best Craft Organizer Storage Cabinet provided the most flexibility to configure a cabinet to fit all my supplies. The storage cabinet fits nicely in my closet and allows me to utilize the whole space.”

She has drawers holding embroidery floss, wreath-making supplies, gift tags, tissue paper, oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints. Nancy has implemented drawer inserts to increase her storage space. While doing this, it also helps keep her supplies organized.


Embroidery Floss Drawer Kit

“I like that the BCO Storage Cabinet is just deep enough to house a lot of different items, but not so deep that you lose items or can't access them. I also love that the drawers pull out easily, so when I decide to paint, I can remove the drawer and take my paints to my workstation.”

Fabric Grid Storage System

The adhesive drawer has washi tape, a hot glue gun, and super glue. Rather than have those items intermingled in a drawer, Nancy uses the 4x4 Fabric Grid System to keep them organized.

Her paintbrushes are stored in a 6 Tool Accessory Tray. Nancy repurposed a Thread Grid Storage System to hold her Artisan paint tubes. She found that her Artist's Loft paints were a bit more messy, so she keeps those stored in a 6 Tool Accessory Tray


6 Tool Tray                                                                                   Thread Grid Storage System

6 Tool Tray

One column of Nancy’s Cabinet is devoted to gift-wrapping supplies; she stores small gift boxes, ribbons, tissue paper, and tape in each drawer. It keeps them sorted and easily accessible when she needs to wrap a present for a friend or family member. 


To get the most out of each drawer, you want to keep similar supplies together and organize them within the drawer. Labeling each drawer is a must! Then you will know what is inside and where everything belongs.


If you find it hard to keep things organized and in the right spot, consider implementing the One Step rule in your craft process. The One Step rule is where you take one step to put craft supplies away, rather than setting the supplies somewhere and later taking another step to put it away.

Another organizational tip we loved is how Nancy stores those craft totes we all seem to collect! She has several hooks on the inside of her closet door to hang her various totes, keeping them easy to find and grab.

It’s not impossible to store all your craft supplies in a closet; it just takes the right storage cabinet and some organization. When you have those two things, you will have an amazing closet to access your craft supplies for your next project!