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B-Organized | 10 Ways to Organize Craft Drawers

Posted by Elphie, Best Craft Organizer on 06 27 22

Hello Crafters & Hobbyists!

I'm Elphie, the crafty canine mascot that loves to hang out with you, especially if you want to play ball. Today, I'm sharing ten ways you can organize the drawers in your Best Craft Organizer Storage Cabinet. These cabinets are so versatile and store so many different types of supplies. You can choose between several cabinet heights, widths, and drawer sizes. Adding BCO grid systems and accessory trays makes organizing any craft and hobby supplies a breeze.

10 Ways to Organize your Craft Drawers

  1. Beads, brads, findings, and all your jewelry-making supplies are easy to organize with Drawer Accessory Trays and Half Trays. The trays come in various sizes and fit nicely in the Single Drawer and Double Drawer for the 15-Compartment Deep Tray.

  2. Oil and acrylic paint tubes are easy to find when you line them up using a 6-Slot Tool Tray and place them in a Double Drawer. Plus, the plastic tray protects your drawer from potential paint leaks! What about storing those 2-ounce Craft Paint bottles? Although they are taller than a Triple Drawer, if you leave a single drawer space open above the Triple Drawer they will fit great*. It's a fun way to use that space! As a bonus, you can easily see your colors in the drawer and quickly remove the drawer and transport your paints to your workspace.
    *If you do decide to store your Acrylic Paints in a Triple Drawer, due to the heavy weight be sure to use the bottom slot (which doesn't use rails) or glue your rail pins into the cabinet holes with E6000 glue.

  3. FabRic scraps tossed in a bin can be hard to locate when creativity strikes. The Fabric Grid Storage System provides options for storing 8" x8", 5" x5", 4" x4" and 2.5" x2.5" squares and even 2.5" and 1.5" strips in Best Craft Organizer Single and Double Drawers. Organize your fabric by color, theme, pattern, or quilt project. You will be surprised by how much material you can organize in a drawer. Just think of all the space you will gain by eliminating some totes.

  4. LEGO®s are for all ages! Are you a builder, Adult Fan of LEGO® (AFOL), part of a LEGO® User Group (LUG), or the frustrated parent of a child with a collection that is getting out of hand? We have great  Storage Solutions for LEGO®. Organize your bricks by color or size and use the Drawer Accessory Trays for all those little specialty pieces. Did you know most Best Craft Organizer Cabinets come with wheels? Just roll it to your workspace and start creating.

  5. Adhesives – thinking outside the box, the 4x4 Fabric Grid Storage Systems in a Best Craft Organizer Double Drawer is a great solution to organize your adhesive stash.

  6. RibboN and Washi tape supplies can be a challenge to organize. Our Ribbon and Washi Drawer Kits are so convenient, making transporting these embellishments a snap. The kits come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. And don't forget to add the Ribbon Spooler so you can wind up those ribbon scraps!

  7. Mini-Ink cubes and re-inkers are easy to find with our Grid Systems. The Mini-Ink Cube Holder will store 64 Mini-Ink Cubes in a Single Drawer. That's a whole lot of ink! And the Triple Drawer works excellent with the 1" & 1-1/4" Grid Storage Systems so you can organize your refill bottles, Stickles Glue, and Nuvo Drops.

  8. Bedazzle embellishments and left-over die-cut pieces are easy to organize with the Drawer Accessory Trays, Half Trays, and Crafty Storage Jars. The 30-Compartment Embellishment Tray works excellent for those small left-over die-cut pieces and minor embellishments. The Half Trays have the option of adding a cover to make it easy to transport to a crop or your workspace. And the Crafty Storage Jars are great for dew drops, sprinkle mixes, rhinestones, and bauble embellishments.

  9. ThrEad, just like your fabrics, will be easy to find when you organize your spools by size and color. The Thread Grid Storage System provides options for ¾", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", and 2" spools (spool diameter). Larger thread spools, like Superior Threads, can be placed in the Triple Drawer.

  10. Diamond Painters will love how easy it is to find their diamond drills when they organize them in the 18-Compartment Half Tray and label each compartment. Adding a cover to the tray makes them easy to transport. And the 3-Compartment Half Tray is a great solution to store diamond painting tools.

Applying these organization tips will clean up your craft space and drawers. You'll be able to spend more time doing what you love and less time searching for supplies. You'll B-Organized!


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