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Make Your Paper Shelves Slide by Adding Drawer Rails

02 24 20

Do you like the way the paper shelves store your 12x12 scrapbook paper but you don't like that they are stationary? Now you can make them to slide in and out of your unit.

Simply purchase a pair of drawer rails for $2.00/pair (plus S&H) and convert your paper shelves to be able to slide. 

Install the drawer rails upside down and then slide your paper shelf on top of the rail. When inserting the drawer rails the right hand rail will now look like a "7" when inserted. The paper shelves will not have a stop on them and will be able to pull completely out.

Also, the paper shelves must be double spaced in your unit not single spaced, therefore, insert your upside down drawer rails into every other hole in your cabinet. Make sure not to load the paper shelf past the front lip. This may cause the paper shelf to bow in the center.