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Maximize Your Craft Room Space with Wall Storage Solutions

Posted by Jessi Boike, BCO on 02 16 24

Are you tired of searching for your craft supplies in a cluttered room? Maybe your craft room isn’t as big as you’d love it to be. Do you wish to spend more time crafting and less time organizing? We have so many ideas to share with you on how to maximize space in your craft room and today we’re focusing on wall storage solutions. The Best Craft Organizer Wall Box Storage System is here to help you maximize your wall space and keep your craft supplies neatly organized.

Utilize Your Wall Space for Craft Storage

The Best Craft Organizer translucent plastic Wall Boxes are perfect for maximizing wall space while keeping your supplies visible. Whether it's above your desk or inside a closet, these boxes offer an efficient storage solution. They are great for storing blank cards, paper, sticker sheets, markers, colored pencils, mini ink cubes, and so much more! One great idea is to use a Wall Box to store all your Pixie supplies: Pixie Dots, Pixie Tape, and Pixie Spray!

We’ll highlight four ways to utilize BCO Wall Boxes:

  1. Storage for stamps and dies on your wall
  2. Storage for washi tape or ribbon
  3. Storage for your embossing powders
  4. Current project storage in your Wall Box

1. Stamp and Die Storage on Your Wall

The Stamp-n-Die Wall Box is designed to store unmounted clear stamps and wafer dies. The transparent case holds 10 clear plastic sleeves with 10 Magnet Sheets for keeping your matching sets neatly in place. Each Stamp-n-Die Wall Box will hold 10 sets.

The hooks on the Wall Box allow you to quickly hang up to six boxes on the Wall Box Bracket. Hang multiple brackets in a row or stack them in a column for vertical storage. The possibilities are endless!

2. Washi Tape on Your Wall

These versatile Wall Boxes can also accommodate washi tape storage. With many size options available there's a solution for every crafter's needs. The Ribbon & Washi Wall Box Kits come with tubular plastic cases already included with your Wall Box purchase. Simply insert your washi tape rolls into the Dispensers and store in the Wall Box for easy access.

If you don’t use your washi tape as often, we recommend utilizing a closet space to store your Wall Box storage system. Perhaps you’ll use 2 brackets stacked on top of each other for 2 rows of 6 Wall Boxes.

3. Embossing Powders on your Wall

Embossing powders can be challenging to organize. They often get lost in a drawer or bin and quickly forgotten about. When you add a 1-3/4" Thread Grid to your Wall Box, it quickly becomes the perfect storage solution for your embossing powders. The Grid keeps them neatly in place and your powders will always be ready when you are, even if you're planning on heading to a retreat or craft weekend with your friends. Just grab your wall box and go!

4. Current Project Storage on Your Wall

One of the quickest and simplest ways to store your current craft project is in a Wall Box of it’s own. Sit at your craft desk, grab your current craft project Wall Box, open it up, and you have everything you need to get started. This saves you so much time in not only remembering where you left off but also keeps all the supplies together and organized.

Next time you go to a craft retreat - grab your current project Wall Box and you’re ready to begin!

Say goodbye to cluttered craft rooms and hello to efficient organization with our innovative wall storage solutions! Pair your Wall Boxes with our sturdy Wall Box Bracket made out of natural Birch for easy installation on any wall.

Products Shown:

Wall Box

Wall Box Bracket

Stamp-n-Die Wall Box with Magnet Sheets

Ribbon and Washi Tape Wall Box

Wall Box with 1-3/4" Grid (also holds embossing powders)