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Now launching! We have organization for your LEGOs(TM)

Posted by Jessi Boike, BCO on 02 12 24

Are you a LEGO(TM) Builder?

Do you enjoy spending time building or sorting your bricks? If you want to have more time building, we have some thrilling news for you!

Best Craft Organizer is excited for the launch of a new product variation...

We have upgraded our LEGO(TM) Brick Sifter to the Brick Sifter 2.0

This enhanced version boasts a unique two-pane sliding wood panel, allowing you to quickly and efficiently sort your bricks. A convenient tab on the side of the sifter allows you to adjust for sorting the size of bricks you need.

The Brick Sifter 2.0 by is a quick and fun way to sort your LEGO(TM) bricks into four categories: extra-large, large, medium, and small bricks.

If you're tired of always digging through your collection for those single stud tiles, plates, and slopes, then this is a must-have addition to your LEGO building area.

Included with your Brick Sifter 2.0:

  • Adjustable Sifting Grid
  • Deep container
  • Shallow container

As an added bonus, the deep and shallow containers serve as drawers in the Best Craft Organizer Storage Cabinets! These Cabinets are completely customizable to fit the storage needs of your LEGOs. With Single, Double, and Triple Drawers, you’ll have room for brick storage and project storage. 

Our Accessory Trays will help you to keep your bricks and tools sorted. In addition, our cabinet is built on casters so you can easily wheel your bricks over to your work space.

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