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Organizing Your Craft Room with Best Craft Organizer

Posted by Elphie, BEST CRAFT ORGANIZER on 06 12 20

Here at Best Craft Organizer, we live by the motto ‘Stay organized. Stay crafty.’ And for us, this is not just a catchphrase, it is a lifestyle to live by!

As you may already know, having a well organized craft room is essential. Not only does this create a clean and efficient place to work and create - it will also keep you sane.

Whether you are a jewellery maker, paper crafter or quilter, it’s time to get organized. Say goodbye to the stress of hunting for tools, bid farewell to rummaging through stuffed drawers, and say ‘so long’ to raiding the worktops for that one thing you’re searching for by following these tips for keeping your craft room pristine.

1. Plan out Your Storage

Take the time to plan your craft storage. Evaluate what products you have and how you want to organize. Do you prefer to keep supplies visible, or do you prefer tucking supplies away in a drawer? Organization is personal and be sure to choose what works best for you.

2. Decorate With Supplies
If you don't want to overwhelm your craft room with shelves and cabinets, keep your supplies on display with customizable items such as peg boards, desk storage solutions or jars? Jars can be a fun way to organize buttons and other embellishments while doubling as a stylish decor, adding instant color and excitement to your workspace - bonus!

3. Display Your Fabrics
If quilting or sewing is your hobby, make your favorite fabrics a focal point for your room by folding over wire shelves with all your colorful materials! Perhaps go one step further and coordinate them by color and design for that extra stylish touch.

4. Label Your Containers
Labeling all your various craft supplies is a quick and easy way to find what you need in half the time! Just by adding labels, you will know exactly what you have and minimize waste from buying new items you already had and just couldn't find.