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PortaInk Inserts & PortaInk Spacers, Which do I Choose?

Posted by Elphie, Best Craft Organizer on 12 31 69

    What's the Difference?

    PortaInk Inserts and Spacers are add-on products for your PortaInk ink pad holder. They each slide into the ink pad compartment keeping your smaller ink pads pushed to the front keeping them easy to access.

    The PortaInk Insert...

    • Is a hard plastic product like the PortaInk Standard Case and Dual Swivel Traveler.
    • Is available in white or black to match your PortaInk products.
    • Needs to be installed before assembling your PortaInk Dual Swivel Traveler.
    • Does not center the smaller ink pad in your compartment.

    The PortaInk Spacer...

    • Is a laser cut product made from Baltic Birch Plywood. Leave the spacers natural or paint to match your PortaInk.
    • Centers your ink pad in the compartment with its winged sides.
    • Can be added to the PortaInk Standard Case or the PortaInk Dual Swivel Traveler at any time.
    • Has two size options for smaller rectangular and square ink pads