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Space Saving Tips for Small Craft Rooms

Posted by Tori Brunsting, BCO on 04 03 24

Space-saving ideas for craft rooms doesn't mean you have to compromise functionality or style. You can have the best of both worlds! Being creative with the approach you take to organizing your craft supplies can completely change your craft room and crafting experience. If you have limited square footage, keep reading to learn how to maximize it with these space-saving ideas.

Clear your Clutter:

First, to save space in your craft room, begin by removing clutter. Use the 4 boxes method:

  1. Keep
  2. Garbage
  3. Donate
  4. Maybe

Sort through the things in your craft space using this method to eliminate any clutter. If your craft room has acquired other items that do not belong in that space, re-home them in another area of your house. For example, if you have started storing yard games in your craft room, consider moving them back to the garage or basement. Sometimes, things have a way of being put in the wrong place. Keeping items that belong in another place in your home helps free up space in your craft area.

Rethink your space:

Try rethinking your space. You might be able to rearrange things to make a more functional and comfortable space. Clear out your room, use sticky notes and masking tape to layout the space. Mapping out your room before placing furniture in it helps you create a functional space without moving all your heavy pieces of furniture multiple times. Try moving a shelf to a different wall or setting your storage crates in a different spot to make more room on your desk. Another fun way to add inspiration to your small space is to create an inspiration board and pick out elements that are important to you. Use your board while arranging your room.

Wall Storage:

You likely have plenty of wall space available and ready to be used. Assess what supplies can hang on your wall; things like washi tape,stamps, and dies are great to be stored in a Wall Box. A Wall Box is simple to store and easy to remove when you need to use the supplies inside. Vertical storage is a commonly mentioned space-saving tip because it’s an easy way to get more storage out of a small space. Wall space also makes a great spot to display finished projects. Be careful not to overcrowd your walls. Vertical space is a great area to store things, but too much on your walls can have the reverse effect. Utilize your walls well to find the perfect sweet spot - smart storage and minimal clutter.

Stackable Storage:

As we just mentioned, taking advantage of vertical space is critical when you have small space. If you don’t have additional wall space, consider stackable storage. When you use stackable storage in your craft room, you still take advantage of vertical space and save desktops, shelves, and other areas for different supplies. The Small Acrylic Crate doubles as a way you can store similar items together and an aesthetic storage solution. Because the Acrylic Crate is transparent, you can see what you’ve selected to store inside - no more forgetting about the supplies you have. You can easily label the outside of the crate if you want to add that extra organizational detail. Stackable storage is cohesive and uniform, keeping your small craft space organized.

Desk Storage:

We’ve mentioned a lot of space-saving ideas that include storage under your desk or on your wall. But you can also save space on your desk by choosing a functional storage solution that does not take up much room. You want your most used tools within reach when working on a project. The Craft Caddy is a great option that keeps your supplies organized, can be rotated 360 degrees, and can sit neatly on your desk without using much space. If you need something slightly larger or an option with more slots, the Desk Caddy is a similar choice. It can rotate 360 degrees and hold all your tools on your desk. As a bonus, the Desk Caddy can be spray painted to match your craft room decor.


Rolling Cabinets:

Craft rooms are often shared spaces with a home office or guest room, and when that is the case, rolling cabinets are a great storage option. Because of the wheels, you can move your craft supplies around as needed. Most BCO Cabinets have the option for wheels and can move to your workstation or get rolled out of the way to create more room. It’s a versatile way to store your supplies. Keep your cabinet in your closet and pull it out when working on a project, or have it stationed in your room. BCO Cabinets come in different sizes to fit your space and crafting needs. Designed to maximize space and what you have to store, BCO eliminates the need to dig through the bottom of your drawers searching for things.


Functionality is crucial in a small space. If your space is not functional, then it's not serving your needs. It is frustrating and discouraging when you can’t grab supplies or easily use a storage solution. Pick furniture and storage that make it easier to craft, not harder. Practical storage solutions can help you stay organized, reduce clutter, and make the most of the available space.

There are lots of options for saving space when room is limited. Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have a practical and inviting craft room. Using space-saving ideas such as stackable storage, wall boxes, and rolling cabinets can help maximize every inch of your room. Your craft room can be an efficient and inspiring space, regardless of the size. 

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