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The BCO Team's Favorite Organizational Tips

Posted by Tori Brunsting, BCO on 04 05 24

Organization is personal. What might work for one crafter, doesn't necessarily work for the next. Some like to organize by color, while others might like to organize by theme or brand. What types of craft supplies come into play. That's why at Best Craft Organizer, we believe in offering storage solutions that are customizable and fit the needs of the crafter! 

Perhaps you are a crafter that isn't quit sure what works best for you just yet! We've asked different members of our team to tell us their favorite organizational tips. Try them out and see if something works great in your creative space.  

Mary's Tip: Keep the supplies you use the most close by.

We all have our beloved favorites, and nothing is worse than not knowing where they are or having to search for them. To avoid this, I keep my supplies close and accessible to my craft station. Another way I keep my supplies within reach is by dedicating a drawer in my  BCO Cabinet or placing them on my workstation in a Craft Caddy or Tool Tray.

BCO Craft Caddy

Craft Caddy

Connie's Tip: Use Accessory Trays to keep your drawers more organized.

Sometimes, I find that my small tools or supplies need an extra level of organization. I place an Accessory Tray in a drawer to keep small supplies like paint tubes or brushes from getting mixed up. Different-sized Accessory Trays work great for tiny embellishments and even larger tools, like adhesive tools.

Drawer Inserts | Half Trays

Drawer InsertsHalf Trays

Jessi's Tip: Purge! Toss broken items and donate unused items.

My favorite tip is to toss items that no longer serve a purpose in my craft storage. Dried-up markers or broken tools,  toss them! Donate unused items or give them to a friend. Doing this keeps clutter out and leaves room for your most used supplies.

Tori's Tip: Put it away.

After I use a tool, it is tempting to set it down and grab another, repeating until my workspace is cluttered. Instead, I take one moment to put each tool away after I use it. This simple step keeps my workspace organized and makes clean-up a lot easier.

Wall Box

Wall Box

Nancy's Tip: Have a home for everything.

My favorite organizational tip is to have a home for everything and to label every drawer or bin. When your craft supplies have a designated place they belong, it makes them easy to find and put away. I also make sure my supplies are not layered in a drawer because if they are, I tend to forget about the ones on the bottom.

BCO Cabinet

BCO Storage Cabinet

Michelle's Tip: Label your Storage to find things quicker!

Labeling my BCO Cabinet is essential to my craft room. It helps me find items faster, allowing me more time to work on my projects. It ensures that each item has its designated place, reducing the chances of misplacing or losing supplies. With everything clearly labeled, I can quickly locate what I need and stay focused on my creative process.

BCO Label Holder

BCO Label Holders

Organization doesn't have to be hard when you have the right organizational methods, it can even be fun and improve your crafting experience. We hope these tips from our team give helpful ideas on organizing your space and keeping it tidy. Happy crafting.