Acrylic Crate

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The Acrylic Crate is perfect for organizing your crafts including 6x7 & 9.5x7 Magnet Cards, Stamp Cards, and Storage Pockets. It is also a great option for organizing your fabrics, quilting supplies, photos, scrapbooking supplies, ribbon, embellishments, stickers and more. These clear craft storage bins fit on your desk, in a cabinet or even inside the cube of your IKEA® Kallax unit. The Acrylic Crate is portable with its dual handles, making it easy to move or take to your next craft retreat.

Dimensions: 8.1" wide, 11.3" deep, and 5.9" tall.

Bundle It!

Add the Crate Dividers to label and organize your Acrylic Crate. Need addtional dividers? Check out our Crate Dividers product for more options.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review