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3 Diamond Painting Storage Solutions

Posted by Tori Brunsting, BCO on 02 14 24

Diamond painting is a mix of paint-by-number and cross stitch. Tiny, colorful diamond drills are placed on a large, self-adhesive canvas and one by one they begin to reveal a beautiful picture. A diamond painting can take hours, days, and sometimes even multiple weeks to complete. When working on a painting, having your painting supplies organized and ready to use is vital to creating with ease!

Storage options for your diamond painting kits can range by size, method, and materials. Some work well, others can require a little DIY. We have researched for you and compiled a list of organizational solutions to help keep your diamond paintings sorted and ready to paint.

1. Customizable Storage Cabinets

A designated spot for each part of your diamond kit is crucial for keeping things organized. Depending on the size of your collection, the Single Small or Double Small Storage Cabinet are both great options for most Diamond Painters. You can customize your Drawer heights to meet the needs of your supplies. Single Drawers are a great option for your tools and trays, while Double Drawers paired with the 9 Half Trays and Small Storage Tubes (more details below) are an excellent way to store your diamond drills. The Triple Height Drawer is perfect for storing those unopened 30x40cm diamond painting kits. You can store up to 14 kits in one Triple Drawer.

Two Ways to Order Your Cabinet:

  • Take the guesswork out and choose one of our pre-planned Diamond Painting Storage Cabinet Kits. Our kits contain everything you need to get started, including the Half Trays and Storage Tubes.
  • Use the Cabinet Designer to customize a Storage Cabinet to fit your needs. Don't forget to add your Half Trays and Small Storage Tubes.

2. Small Storage Tubes and Angled Grid for Diamond Drill Storage

An individual diamond painting kit comes with a range of colored diamond drills. The Small Storage Tubes are the best size to hold diamond drills. Each container can fit many diamond drills, and you can write the drill number directly on the tube. The clear containers securely store the drills while keeping the beautiful colors visible. These containers are available in a pack of 20.

Keep your Storage Tubes tidy and easy to access with the Angled Grid. A complete storage solution for your diamond drills! The Angled Grid is designed to fit inside a BCO Triple Drawer, keeping your tubes slightly angled to maximize the space of the drawer. You can store 64 tubes in one Triple Drawer! 

Organize your diamond drills by color or project. The center divider allows you to organize two projects in each drawer (up to 32 colors on each side). The slots of the grid are even staggered so you can quickly see your diamond drill color in each row. 

3. Half Trays for Your Tools and Diamond Drill Trays

Before explaining why you need the Half Trays, I will give an overview of these trays. Two Half Trays fit side-by-side in the Single Storage Cabinet drawers. They come in various sizes that let you mix and match to your liking. In this case, we want to mix and match for storing our diamond painting supplies while still maximizing space! We recommend the 3 Compartment and 6 Compartment Half Trays for your tools.

Half Tray (3 Compartment)

Each diamond painting uses a mixture of tools, different applicators or drill pens, a wax pad, tweezers, and maybe even a few other tools. The importance of having a designated spot to store these tools can save you from the task of digging through a basket or bag. The Half Tray with 3 Compartments is an excellent option for each tool you have and any others you may acquire. You can even add a cover to safely bring all your tools to your work area.

Half Tray (6 Compartment)

A part of the process of diamond painting is placing your diamond drills in a diamond tray. The diamond tray helps sort the tiny drills so your applicator can pick them up to set on your canvas. When working on a painting, having a few colors accessible at once can help to avoid constantly switching out each color. The 6 Compartment Half Tray stores your 3.5"x2" drill trays, so you don't have to keep switching out the drill colors during your project. You can store 6 drill trays in one Half Tray (6 Compartment) or two Half Trays side-by-side in a Single Drawer for 12 drill trays.

Half Tray (9 Compartment)

Another option to organize your Small Storage Tubes is in the 9 Compartment Half Tray. Due to the caps of the Tubes, they sit at a slight angle in the Half Tray, keeping your colors neat and always in place. You can fit two Small Storage Tubes in each compartment of the 9 Compartment Half Tray. Because of the angle of the tubes, a Double Drawer height is required when combining the Small Storage Tubes and 9 Compartment Half Trays. You can fit two Half Trays per Drawer.

Tip: When you are working on your project, remove the entire drawer with your diamond drills, or simply remove your Half Tray with your diamond drills to take it to your project area.

When you have a system that lets you store all of your diamond painting supplies together, it allows you to keep multiple projects going at once, the more likely you'll be to complete your project with ease and enjoyment. Efficient storage means more time spent on your newest diamond painting!