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Storage Tubes

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Product Overview

Storage Tubes for your Diamond Drills and Seed Beads

Introducing Storage Tubes for your Diamond Drills and Seed Beads. These clear tubes are available in two sizes and were designed to store and organize your diamond drills or seed beads.

  • The Small tubes have an inside dimensions of 3" in height and a 5/8" diameter, totaling about 0.9 cubic inches of space. The small size is perfect for keeping your tiny diamond drills secure and organized.
  • The Standard tubes have an inside dimension of 3" tall and 7/8" diameter, totaling 1.8 cubic inches. These slighly larger tubes are great for storing your seed beads and other jewelry making beads.


  • Simple Design: The straightforward, clear design makes it easy to see contents at a glance without opening the tube.
  • Pack of 20 Tubes: Each order comes with 20 clear storage tubes with covers.
  • Compact Size: Ideal for tiny beads, seed beads, or diamond drills.
  • Secure Closure: Each tube comes with a friction hanging cap that fits snugly to prevent spills.

Whether you're a diamond painter, a professional jeweler, an avid crafter, or someone who loves to keep small items meticulously organized, our Storage Tubes are an essential addition to your storage solutions. Say goodbye to cluttered workspaces and hello to efficiency and elegance with these clear, compact and durable storage tubes.

Organize Your Storage Tubes with the Angled Grid for BCO Triple Drawers

Keep your Storage Tubes tidy and easy to access with the Angled Grid. A complete storage solution for your diamond painting collection or your jewelry making seed beads!


  • Designed to fit inside a BCO Triple Drawer, keeping your tubes slightly angled to maximize the space of the drawer.
  • Stores 64 Storage Tubes in each drawer.
  • Organize your beads by rainbow color.
  • Organize your diamond drills by color or project. The center divider allows you to organize two projects in each drawer (up to 32 colors on each side).
  • Staggered slots allowing you to quickly see your diamond drill or seed bead colors in each row.

*When you order Storage Tubes and Angled Grid you'll receive 64 tubes to fit inside your grid plus 16 extra for a total of 80 tubes.

Angled Grid Assembly Instructions:

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review