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Maximize Your Sewing Room Space with Wall Storage Solutions

Posted by Jessi Boike, BCO on 03 14 24

Are you tired of searching for your sewing supplies in a cluttered room? Perhaps your sewing room isn't as spacious as you'd like. Do you wish to spend more time sewing and less time searching? We have numerous ideas to help you maximize space in your sewing room, and today we're focusing on wall storage solutions. The Best Craft Organizer Wall Box Storage System is here to assist you in maximizing your space and keeping your sewing supplies neatly organized.

Ultimate Storage Solution for Your Thread

The Best Craft Organizer translucent plastic Wall Boxes are like a well-organized sewing kit, allowing you to easily spot and access your thread spools of all sizes. Their innovative design allows you to see through the case for the exact supplies you are looking for. The Thread Wall Box Grid provides options to organize 3/4" spools, 1" spools, 1-1/4" spools, 1-1/2" spools, and 1-3/4" spools (spool diameter). The Wall Boxes then hang on the Wall Box Bracket for quick storage.

Sew On-the-Go

When you’re ready to head to a weekend quilting retreat, grab the Wall Boxes that you need and easily bring them with you. They easily stack for storage and your supplies will stay locked and secure while you travel.  Another favorite idea is to store individual projects in each Wall Box.  This keeps all of your supplies for one project together.  It can help you find an easy starting place when you just have a little bit of time to work in your sewing room.  Open your Wall Box, and start right where you left off. 

Supplies Organization

Another option is to consider using the Wall Box system to keep your supplies neat and accessible. They are perfect for storing items such as thread, fabric, needles, and other sewing essentials. You can also customize the boxes to store specific items like buttons, zippers, and ribbons, making it easy to find what you need for your next project. With the Wall Box system, you can efficiently organize your sewing room and have everything you need at your fingertips. 

Say farewell to chaotic sewing spaces and welcome efficient organization with our innovative wall storage solutions! Combine Six Wall Boxes with our sturdy Wall Box Bracket crafted from natural Birch for effortless installation on any wall and you have a complete set!