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Chalk Paste & Glitter Holder

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Product Overview

Do you like to create beautiful home decor pieces with chalk paste and ink? Are you a Chalk Couture(TM) Designer and you have the full set of beautiful Chalkology(TM) Pastes and Inks? Do you love adding texture to your cards with Nuvo® Embellishment Mousse or Glitter Gel by Gina K. Designs? If so, we know you are going to love the Chalk Paste & Glitter Holder!

The Chalk Paste and Glitter Holder organizes chalk pastes, inks, glitter, and other embellishment jars (3" diameter and 1-5/8" tall). Your colorful collection will be visible and easy to access because of the finger notch in each compartment. With a variety of options available you can organize up to 63 jars, and we even have an option to fit your cube shelving units like the IKEA® Kallax.

Handcrafted in the USA and made from a beautiful Birch plywood.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review