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DMC Plastic Bobbins and Bobbin Winder

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DMC Plastic Bobbins and Bobbin Winder

Get Organized with DMC Plastic Bobbins

Is your embroidery floss in a jumbled, tangled mess? DMC Plastic Bobbins are here to help! Floss bobbins are small, flat cards made of plastic that are designed to hold embroidery floss in a neat and organized way. These handy bobbins wind the floss around the card, and then the ends of the floss can be tucked into the notches on the sides of the card to keep the floss from unraveling.

Floss bobbins are commonly used in embroidery, cross-stitch, and other needlework projects that involve using multiple colors of floss. They are especially helpful for keeping floss organized when working on larger projects, as they make it easy to quickly access the colors you need and keep them from becoming tangled or lost.

Wind your Floss with the DMC Bobbin Winder

Using the DMC Bobbin Winder to wind the floss onto the bobbins makes the process of organizing and storing floss even easier. Simply attatch your plastic bobbin, and begin winding your thread onto the bobbin. It's that easy! By keeping your floss bobbins organized and tidy, you can save time and avoid frustration when searching for the right color of floss for your next project.

Store your Embroidery Floss with BCO Wall Boxes and Drawer Kits

Take Organization one step further by storing your embroidery floss on bobbins in a Best Craft Organizer Wall Box or Drawer Kit.

The Drawer Kit is designed to fit inside your Best Craft Organizer Storage Cabinet (Double Drawer), and includes a Grid and Plastic Bobbins to keep your floss neatly organized.

The Wall Box Kit is a great option to bring your floss to wherever you are working on a project. Each Wall Box Kit comes with a Wall Box, Grid and Plastic Bobbins for neatly storing your floss.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review