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Embroidery Floss Wall Box Kit

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Organize your Embroidery Floss and Bobbins with a BCO Wall Box

The Embroidery Floss Wall Box Kit from Best Craft Organizer provides excellent value to customers by offering an all-in-one storage solution for your needlework project supplies. The Wall Box comes with a pre-assembled grid system that is specifically designed to hold embroidery floss bobbins. The grid includes six compartments, each holding 12-13 bobbins wound with one skein of floss. That gives you storage for up to 78 color skeins per Wall Box! Plus your embroidery floss is not only organized, but also easy to access and take to any project location.

The Grid compartments in your Wall Box are also perfectly sized for storing needle packs, small embroidery scissors, and extra bobbins. Each kit contains your Wall Box with a grid (assembly required), and DMC Plastic Bobbins (3 Packs - 84 Plastic Bobbins total).

The Embroidery Floss Wall Box Kit Includes:

Additional Solutions:

Your Wall Box Kit comes with 84 Plastic Bobbins. However, you can purcahse additional DMC Plastic Bobbins and a Bobbin Winder for your box. The Bobbin Winder even fits perfectly in one the Grid compartments, keeping your supplies together.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review