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Double Storage Cabinet

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$130.90 - $208.90

CABINET ONLY: Drawers & Paper Shelves Sold Separately.

Refer to Description for Cabinet Name/Size changes in 2022.


Need help customizing your Cabinet with Drawers & Paper Shelves? Check out the Cabinet Designer.


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Product Overview

Best Craft Organizer offers Craft Storage Cabinets that are versatile and easy to configure to meet your needs.

You can choose the...

  1. Width (Single, Double, Triple)
  2. Height (Small, Standard, Large, X-Large*)
  3. Finish: Frosty Chestnut, White, or Rogue River Maple
  4. Caster Option*
  5. Drawer or Paper Tray Configuration (Drawers and Paper Trays sold separately)

*The Single Storage Cabinet is not available in X-Large. Casters are not available for X-Large Cabinets.

Double Storage Cabinet

The Double Storage Cabinet is available in a Frosty Chesnut, White, or Rogue River Maple finish, and in small (36 slots), standard (60 slots), large (72 slots), and X-Large (96 slots) sizes. You can even choose to add casters (excludes X-Large Cabinet) to your cabinet to make it easy to move in your space.

Add Drawers & Paper Trays (Sold Separately)

Paper Shelves - Uses one slot per tray (with one space reserved at the top)
Single Drawers - Uses one slot each
Double Drawers - Uses two slots each
Triple Drawers - Uses three slots each

Cabinet Finish Colors

Frosty Chestnut: A Tranquil Gray with a Wood Grain Twist
Imagine the serenity of a snowy forest combined with the sophistication of rich wood grain. Frosty Chestnut is a gorgeous gray hue that will infuse your craft room with a soothing and modern ambiance. Its sleek appearance will complement any decor style, allowing your creativity to flourish in a tranquil environment.

White: Timeless Simplicity and Versatility
If you prefer a clean and versatile look for your craft space, consider choosing White. This timeless color option creates a bright and airy atmosphere, allowing your supplies and creations to take center stage. With its ability to effortlessly blend with any decor style, White offers endless possibilities for creating a sleek and organized craft room. Embrace the simplicity and versatility of White and let your creativity shine in a space that feels fresh and inviting.

Rogue River Maple: Nature's Warm Embrace with a Wood Grain Flourish
Say goodbye to the ordinary and welcome the extraordinary with Rogue River Maple! This captivating color option replaces the original maple tone, offering a hue that effortlessly complements your craft space. With its stunning wood grain pattern and cool undertones, Rogue River Maple adds a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to your creative oasis. Let Rogue River Maple be the inspiration behind your crafty creations, bringing nature's beauty right into your hands.

Please note: Original Maple (Discontinuing) is a warmer tone with more yellow. The new Rogue River Maple is a cool tone with more natural hues.

Need Help Planning Your Storage Cabinet?

Check out the Cabinet Designer to configure the correct amount of drawers or paper trays to fit your craft storage needs.

Important Notes:

  • Cabinets are shipped ready for assembly with all necessary hardware included. You can put it together armed only with a large screwdriver and attention to detail.
  • The cabinet panels are made from high-quality, 3/4" thermofused melamine panels and are CARB compliant.
  • Wood products may have variations of color and pattern.
  • Dimensions: 14-1/4" deep. Refer to Storage Cabinet Comparison for width and height.
  • Caster Height: 2-1/2"

Storage Cabinet Comparison:

Storage Cabinets are available in Frosty Chestnut, White or Rogue River Maple, and with or without Casters*.

*Casters are not available for X-Large cabinet sizes.

View the Single or Triple Cabinet.

2022 Update:

Best Craft Organizer has added five new configurations to Storage Cabinets. This means you have even more options to customize your craft Storage Cabinet to fit your needs. To accommodate the new sizes, we had to make a few changes to cabinet names. If you've purchased a cabinet before March 1, 2022, your cabinet name might have changed. Please verify old and new cabinet names below for future purchases.

Rolling Storage Cabinet Standard is now the Single Storage Cabinet Small
Rolling Storage Cabinet Large is now the Single Storage Cabinet Large
Double Storage Cabinet Standard is now the Double Storage Cabinet Small
Triple Storage Cabinet Large is now the Triple Storage Cabinet X-Large

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  • 4
    double cabinet with drawers

    Posted by LauraKay Whiticar-Darvill on 04 30 22

    The cabinet is well constructed and sturdy. I did have a problem with a few of the drawers. Most of them slide easily in and out, but a few evidently rub against the guides above and are therefor somewhat difficult to pull in and out. I also sanded some of the stops which made most of the problems disappear other than the one listed above

  • 5
    Double Storage Cabinet

    Posted by Roxanna King on 10 24 21

    went together fast as I have several of these, like this size - it is better to put together than the double tall

  • 5
    Double Storage Cabinet

    Posted by Roxanna King on 07 07 21

    quick delivery - easy to put together - but takes two - I could not do it alone with the double unit

  • 5
    Exactly what I needed

    Posted by Alexia on 04 03 21

    I was so happy with my organizer that I ordered a second and now I'm itching for a third. No stranger to IKEA/Walmart/Amazon-like furniture assembly and this is MUCH better quality and easier to assemble. Instructions have WORDS! in English! That make grammatical sense!!! If you check out their Youtube channel they also have very helpful assembly guides. The customizable drawers are amazing and I love that I can rearrange them at will.

  • 5
    Double Storage Cabinet

    Posted by Kathy on 08 29 20

    I am very happy with the double storage cabinet. I especially like the ability to pick the drawer sizes and arrange them based on my design. The drawers are also wonderful, pull out easily and hold more than I expected. There was one minor issue on the nut when attaching the last panel, but just loosened a few nuts that were already attached and it just fell into place.