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Side-by-Side Marker Holder

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Product Overview

You won't have to dig through drawers anymore to find your favorite markers! There's plenty of space in the horizontal marker storage compartments and you'll always be able to see where the markers belong when you put them back. You can also group your markers by color family to make it easier to find just the right shade. Two options are availabe, one for your desk and one that fits the IKEA® Kallax shelving unit.

The Side-By-Side Horizontal Marker Storage Holder is designed to hold a wide variety of markers:

Small round markers such as Stampin' Up!®, Distress™, and more: 180 (12 in a row)

Other round markers such as Copic® Ciao: 150 (10 in a row)

Medium markers such as Stampin' Up!®, Copic® Sketch, Standard Copic®, Prismacolor®, Specturm Noir™, and more: 120 (eight in a row)

Wide markers such as Copic® Wide: 60 (two in a row)

The side-by-side storage compartments are 11/16" tall, 2-11/16" wide.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review