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3 Storage Solutions for Tricky Little Embellishments

Posted by Jessi Boike, BCO on 01 18 24

One of the most common questions we get here at BCO is how to store those tricky little embellishments? How do we store the little ones, the ones that roll away when you drop them, the bags that are partially ripped open but not empty, the ones with adhesive-backs?

What do we mean when we say Embellishments: These may be beads, brads, gems, buttons, sequins, crystals, shiny pieces, seed beads, glitter, diamond drills, or an assortment of other crafting items.

And to that, we answer with a question for you: How do you like to organize your embellishments? Do you prefer them to be right in front of you to see, or stored in a drawer? What sizes of embellishments do you have? How many different (dozen) embellishments do you have?

For some crafters, visual display is important for accessibility, maybe because you use your embellishments often. For other crafters, you might enjoy visibility because embellishments are just so fun and colorful!

Maybe you have way too many (hundreds) of embellishments that having them visually on display is just not reasonable based on the size of your craft room. In that case, drawer storage might be the best option for you!

With all that said, we’re your partner in craft storage solutions, and therefore, we have three craft room organization ideas for you today.

3 Storage Solutions for Your Embellishments

1. Embellishment & Bead Caddy

This is a versatile storage solution to organize your embellishments featuring tubular, clear containers that are easily inserted into a stackable holder. All of your embellishments are easy to see, and they can be organized in rainbow color! They are also easy to grab and take to any work area or space.

Simply fill your vertical containers and add your Embellishment & Bead Caddy to a desk or shelf for a beautiful and colorful display that is sure to inspire you to unleash your creativity

2. Crafty Storage Jars

The Crafty Storage Jars are great for storing all sorts of embellishments! They are a little bit larger than the tubular, clear containers in the Embellishment & Bead Caddy. These storage jars have a short and wide profile, being 2 ¾” diameter and 1” in height, while holding up to 1 oz. of product. They also are made from a clear and transparent plastic so you can easily find the right embellishment for the right project. The Crafty Storage Jars are also extremely convenient when you need to take embellishments on the road. You can grab only the jars you want to use so you don't waste your limited travel space with unneeded supplies.

These Crafty Storage Jars are secured with a twist-on cap making them easily portable. In your craft room, they can be stored in a Storage Cabinet (Single Drawer) with a Storage Cabinet Grid, or the Chalk Paste & Glitter Holder if you prefer to keep your supplies visible.

3. Accessory Trays

Accessory Trays & Half Trays are a great way to store your embellishments. These trays were designed for our Storage Cabinet Drawers and come in a variety of sizes. Like the previous two embellishment storage solutions, our Accessory Trays are also made of a clear plastic for easy visibility.

  • The 30 Compartment and 60 Compartment Embellishment Tray is perfect for storing all your fun embellishments and even has a curved compartment bottom that makes it easy to remove the tiniest pieces.
  • The 15 Compartment Deep Plastic Accessory Tray is great for storing large collection of similar embellishments or your larger embellishments likes buttons, flowers, pendants, charms, and more.
  • Half Trays offer a little more flexibility then full sized Accessory Trays. You can mix and match different compartment sizes in one drawer, and they even have an optional cover making it easy to take out a Half Tray and bring it to your work area.

Ultimately, the key to effective craft organization, especially when it involves those tiny, easily lost embellishments, lies in finding a storage solution that not only caters to the size and variety of your items but also aligns with your personal crafting style and space considerations. Whether it's the visually appealing and easily accessible Embellishment & Bead Caddy, the versatile and slightly larger Crafty Storage Jars, or the customizable Accessory Trays designed for our Storage Cabinet Drawers, BCO offers a range of options to ensure that your crafting space is both functional and inspiring.

Your crafting journey is unique, and so are your organizational needs. We at BCO understand this and are committed to providing solutions that enhance your creative process. By choosing the right storage solution from our diverse offerings, you can transform your craft area into an efficient, clutter-free zone, enabling you to focus on what truly matters - unleashing your creativity and bringing your artistic visions to life. Remember, an organized craft space is not just about tidiness; it's about creating an environment that nurtures and reflects your passion for crafting. Happy crafting!