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Seed Bead Organization Made Easy

Posted by Elphie, Best Craft Organizer on 02 23 23

Color is an inspiration, and a collection of beautiful Japanese seed beads and Miyuki seed beads will spark anyone’s creativity. The various colors, shapes, and sizes draw your attention and spark your imagination to create wonderful works of art in jewelry, strings of beads embellishing ornaments, or as accents in an embroidery project. Seed beads add beauty to any project; however, despite their small size, they can be tricky to organize and store.

Hi, I am Elphie, your crafty canine companion, ready to help you organize your seed bead collection. Whether you are a seed bead enthusiast or a novice, these organization and storage solutions will help you manage your seed beads effectively.

First Step - Sorting Your Beads: The first step in organizing seed beads is sorting them by color, size, shape, and possibly manufacturer. Taking inventory of your bead collection will make it easier to find the beads you need for a project and help you determine the proper storage solution to manage your collection.

Storage Solutions:

Bead Storage Solutions by Elizabeth Ward:

The Bead Storage Containers by Elizabeth Ward and Tray offer an all-in-one secure storage solution for your seed beads. The Storage Containers come in multiple sizes, from tiny to large, ensuring even your smallest beads have a home. The clear containers and see-through tray lid display your beads so you can easily find the right seed beads for your next project. You can even stack the trays for easy storage or place them in a Best Craft Organizer Cabinet for Bead Storage Solutions or Cube for Bead Storage Solutions.


When storing your seed beads, it is important to label each container. Labeling will help you identify the beads and make it easier to re-order when your stock is low. Labels come with Bead Storage Solutions – Bundles.

Embellishment & Bead Caddy: 

Tube storage for your seed beads is an excellent way to organize your beads, and this compact caddy will keep them visible and within reach. The Small Embellishment & Bead Caddy includes 40 containers (inside storage dimensions: 3” tall and 5/8” diameter – about 0.9 cubic inches), and the Standard Embellishment & Bead Caddy includes 26 containers (inside dimensions: 3” tall and 7/8” diameter – about 1.8 cubic inches) for storing your beads. Each Embellishment & Bead Caddy features a stackable design, allowing you to add multiple levels for even more storage. You can even stack the Small and Standard size together, giving you more options as your seed bead collection grows.


The tube containers offer a clear plastic design to quickly identify the contents and find exactly what you need. Add clear labels to the outside of the tube for easy identification.

Accessory Trays and Half Trays: 

Best Craft Organizer Accessory Trays and Half Trays are great storage solution for your seed bead supply.

Accessory Trays:

  • The 60 Compartment and 30 Compartment embellishment tray are perfect for storing your beads and even has a curved compartment bottom that makes it easy to remove the tiniest pieces. One tray will fit inside a Single Drawer of a Best Craft Organizer Storage Cabinet.
  • If your bead collection includes larger beads, the 15 Compartment Deep Accessory Tray is great for storing beads, and jewelry-making charms inside your Double Drawer.
  • The open design of the Accessory Trays provides easy access for all of your beads.
  • Drawers can be removed from your Storage Cube or Storage Cabinet and brought to your workstation.

Half Trays:

  • Half Trays come in various compartment sizes, from 3, 6, 9, 18, and 32, giving you multiple options to store different bead sizes and shapes, including those tiny little seed beads.
  • Two Half Trays will fit side-by-side in a Single Drawer so that you can mix and match the size and quantity of the compartments.
  • There is even an optional cover that you can add to each Half Tray keeping your beads safe and secure when taking your beads with you. When combined with a Best Craft Organizer Storage Cabinet, the Trays are easy to pull in and out of your drawers*.
  • Add clear labels to each compartment for easy identification, and a Label Holder can mark the contents of each Drawer.

In conclusion, organizing your seed beads may seem daunting, but with these tips, you can quickly sort and store your seed beads effectively. By keeping your beads organized, you will save time and can focus on creating beautiful and intricate works of art. Woof, woof!! 

Happy Crafting,

*When storing Half Trays in a Best Craft Organizer Drawer Cabinet, we recommend single drawers if you store your Trays without a cover, and Double Drawers if you store your Trays with a cover. Although Trays with a cover will fit inside a Single Drawer, it can make the drawers tighter when opening and closing.