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Storage Add-On for IKEA

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Product Overview

Organize Your Craft Supplies with the Best Craft Organizer Add-on for IKEA.

The Storage Add-On for IKEA has 10 spaces available that can be configured to fit the needs of your craft room. You can choose various options, including three different drawer height sizes or paper shelves for that much loved scrapbooking paper.
NOTE:  The Add-on for IKEA® is not a stand alone product and must be installed in the IKEA® Kallax cube storage system.  Check out the Storage Cube for a cabinet you can place anywhere.

Configure your Add-on for IKEA®

Paper - One space per tray (with one space reserved at the top)
Single Drawers - One space each
Double Drawers - Two spaces each
Triple Drawers - Three spaces each
Select from the pre-bundled options or select the configurations above to customize your Add-on.
**The "All Triple Drawers" option includes a Single Drawer to fill all the spaces.

Please Note: New White Drawers

Bundles include the new Best Craft Organizer Drawers and Paper Shelves that were released May of 2023. They are a beautiful solid white drawer made from a high-quality polypropylene material. Drawers previous to May 2023 were a translucent white drawer.

Some important notes:
  • Cabinets are shipped ready for assembly. You can put it together armed only with a little attention to detail.
  • The cabinet panels are made from high quality, 1/4" strong, high density board, and are CARB compliant.
  • Wood products may have variations of color.
  • Drawers and Paper Shelves are made of injected, high impact polypropylene.
  • Inside dimension of Drawer 12" x 13" and Paper Shelf 12-1/4" x 12-3/4".
  • Single drawers are 1" tall, Double Drawers are just over 2" tall, and Triple Drawers are nearly 3-1/2" tall.
  • Dimensions are 13-1/4" tall x 13-1/4" wide x 14-1/4" deep.

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(17 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Add ins

    Posted by Joe D Schober on 03 30 24

    These add in drawers for ikea bookcase are great easy to put together holds my supplies very well

  • 4
    Love it!

    Posted by Patricia Sitler on 12 29 23

    I’m very happy with the product! I only gave this 4 stars because when I received the paper organizer it came with instructions that stated I needed some plastic rails. When I dug through my package, it did not have plastic rails and only metal hardware pegs. I thought the pegs would be easy, but then I learned I was 30 pegs short of what I needed for the plastic shelf layers to be held properly. The YouTube video instructions on the website also showed plastic rails. Only recommendation is to update the product instructions to reflect the new changes made to this shelving unit.

  • 5
    Ikea insert w drawers

    Posted by Diane Miller on 06 23 23

    I love this design great quality

  • 5

    Posted by Cheryl Francis on 03 13 23

    It’s nice to have storage choices for my ikea bookcase

  • 5
    Worth every penny!

    Posted by Heather Marsh on 10 29 22

    I order 6 sets of these with the small drawers. They are perfect for storing all my rubber stamps. Great quality and easy to assemble. Highly recommended!

  • 5
    Update to recent Review

    Posted by Janice H. on 06 29 22

    I am happy to update my review of June 20, 2022 as the problems I had with the add-on were resolved satisfactorily. More than satisfactory, in fact. I am delighted with the replacements sent, easy to put together with the proper panels. The sides don't stick but the add-on fits the cube perfectly and the drawers have no problem gliding in and out. I am very, very happy with the storage add -on and plan to purchase more inserts for the drawers. I am now able to have all my sewing supplies, notions, etc together, easy to see and find! Love the thread holder inserts!

  • 2
    Storage Add on for Ikea

    Posted by Janice H on 06 20 22

    I'd like to review this product however, I have not been able to put it together. It arrived with a backing (made of chipboard) that did not fit the slots in the side panels. Customer service was good about contacting me and said there had been an issue and she thought the company had caught all the problem backings. It took over 2 weeks to receive the new panels. They were exactly the same as the problem ones. Further, the picture and videos show the back panel as white to match the sides, the back panels I received are just unfinished chipboard. This was not an inexpensive purchase at over $80.00 plus shipping so I would expect that all the panels would match and be of equal quality. If they work as intended they might be ok as storage but I have yet to find out.

  • 5
    Beyond better than I thought was possibly

    Posted by Aly Mikos on 04 27 22

    I was in the market for something similar to the storage flexibility and functionality of the Create Room Dream Box but didn’t need such a large piece of furniture and had plenty of room so didn’t need the ability to close up my storage. . But I was enamored with the storage options that the dream box offered and set upon seeing what was out there that would give me my own DIY personal dream box. The storage add-on for IKEA from best craft organizer exceeded anything I thought I would find on the Internet. I initially purchased one IKEA add-on unit to get a sense for the functionality and quality of the product and as soon as I set it up, it was GLORIOUS!!! I promptly bought five more add on units with each unit consisting of two triple drawer inserts and two double drawer inserts. My studio space is INCREDIBLE now, with each and every one of my doodads and craft supplies organized, stored, easily accessible and found. And I spent a fraction of what I would have spent if I had gone with the dream box. I am now considering other areas in my home that might also benefit from the storage add-on unit as it’s so customizable and functional. Specific to the product- I like the opaque drawers so that my space looks tidy as opposed to cluttered and chaotic. The drawers are so deep and lengthy that a number of different drawer organizers fit in the inserts, beyond those that can be purchased through best craft organizer. I was able to repurpose a lot of the organizer containers I already owned, and also purchased some of the organizers from best craft organizer. I’m also please that the drawers remove fairly easily from the rails so the drawers can be both storage options but also take along for craft projects. When I need to pause the project I’m working on, I can put everything in the drawer insert, put it back in place in my storage piece and return to it when I’m able to. I cannot say enough positive things about this product! It absolutely fills a niche for crafters who need customizable, shallow, functional and flexible storage options and those who don’t wanna break the bank to find them. I have told all of my craft enthusiast family members and friends about this product and feel like it’s only a matter of time before it blows up in popularity because it’s so PERFECT for a variety of craft interests. If I could, I would attach a Pictor my space because I’m So in love with it and it makes me so happy each time I’m in my studio now. If you’re considering buying this item, do it right away as you will not be disappointed.

  • 3
    best Organizer IKEA storage add on

    Posted by Marie J on 02 24 22

    This should have need an easy set up but it was not. Please consider making a complete housing for this unit. 2 have 2 sides and a back is ok if the shelving unit is flush against the wall. Most will have molding on the wall which prevents this. So because there is no top or bottom to this unit there is nothing to stabilize the back back of the add on and kept on falling behind my shelving unit. Very frustrating but I did find a work around. Also the unit is not wide enough to adhere to the sides of the cube and keep the cabinets from falling. Again, i was able to come up with a work around. BCO Response: The Storage Add-on for IKEA should be easy to install. Upon investigating this issue, we found the back panel was mislabeled, which caused the back panel to be the wrong size. The "top" of the panel should have been one of the sides of the panel instead. We have corrected this problem and sent a resolution to the customer. If you have any problems with our products when you receive them, please contact our Customer Service department ASAP so we can work with you to resolve the issue. You can contact us via email at or phone at 866-498-2378.